Stained Glass | Metal Sculpture

Diana has been doing stained glass for over 30 years and considers designing stained glass pieces very similar to painting with oil or watercolors.  Glass is just another medium to get colors and design that are exactly right.  Most of Diana's stained glass work has been custom design where she works closely with the clients achieving just the right look, color and feel for the project.

Neptune - Custom Design
Click here to read about Neptune's arrival.

Stained Glass of dog looking at a table full of food.
The Table
35”x35” Artist’s Collection

Cabinet Front
Custom Design


Sea Farmer
Sea Farmer
5’x2.5’ Custom Design

Artist's Collection

Egret Gate Custom Design

Clear Textured Bathroom Window
Clear Textured Bathroom Window

Wave Table Lamp
Wave Table Lamp

Front Door
Front Door Custom Design

The Reef
The Reef Custom Design

Charle's Crab
Charlie's Crab Custom Design

Apple Blossoms Stained Glass
Apple Blossoms
30”x48” Custom Design

The Arbor Gate
24”x32” Artist’s Collection

2’x4’ Custom Design

Lucy the Cat
2’x2’ Artist’s Collection

Napping Cat
Napping Cat Custom Design

Shell Hanging Lamp
Shell Hanging Lamp SOLD

Sun & Wave Hanging Lamp
Sun and Wave Hanging Lamp

Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish Custom Design

Aquarium Custom Design

Copper & Glass Table
Copper & Glass Table Custom Design

Kate's Glass
Kate's Glass Custom Design

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